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We provide the service levels and best practices of large M&A firms to the acquisition of small businesses. That's our deal. That's why we're special. If you are a small business and want to buy, sell, or merge, you have support.​​


We didn't learn M&A from a book. We turned around a company and sold it - multiple times. That was 20 years ago. We wished we had an advisory firm that specialized in businesses our size. So we took our experience and created one.




  • Consulting on the entire M&A process

  • Creation and distribution of a Confidential Buyer Profile to M&A firms and brokers

  • Custom searches for acquisition targets

  • Personal marketing and networking for acquisition targets

  • Business valuation and consultation regarding value

  • Drafting and negotiation of Term Sheets, Letters of Intent, and Offers

  • Management of the Due Diligence process​

  • Assistance in securing financing

  • Management of the closing process​

Buy-Side Services



Whether the goal is to grow through acquisition, increase sales, open locations, start new divisions, bring on new products and services, or grow  employees and capabilities—we can help you assess the current situation, identify opportunities, refine existing ideas, put actionable plans in place, and implement and manage growth plans.

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Growth Strategy



  • Consulting on the entire M&A process

  • Valuation and consultation regarding value and increasing value

  • Preparation for a merger or acquisition

  • Creation of a stellar Offering Memorandum (the "book" to sell the business)

  • Confidential networking and marketing to secure buyers

  • Buyer qualification and presentation

  • Negotiation of Term Sheets, Letters of Intent and Contracts

  • Management of the Due Diligence process

  • Management of the closing process





We provide a variety of business valuation services in support of the sale, merger, or acquisition of businesses, and for strategic planning purposes. As a firm with a specialization in the sale and acquisition of small and mid-size businesses, we are often more in touch with the market than typical law, CPA or pure business valuation firms, and we use this focus and expertise when performing our valuation services.

Since each valuation is a custom effort and we cut out the extra fluff, we can help you determine value at a cost that a small business can handle.


Our hallmark is our Value Consultation—we skip the academic process, the long boring reports, and just get to it. We cut the clutter so you can understand the value of a business quickly, efficiently, and without wasting time and money.

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Due Diligence

Gain the advantage of a structured due diligence process. 


Having learned from the big guys and over 19 years experience, we have developed a structured due diligence process specifically for small and mid-size businesses.

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Sell-Side Services
Valuation and Due Diligence



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