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Whether the goal is to grow through acquisition, increase sales, open locations, start new divisions, bring on new products and services, or grow  employees and capabilities, we can help you assess the current situation, identify opportunities, refine existing ideas, put actionable plans in place, and implement and manage growth plans.

We analyze businesses and grow opportunities every day—for valuations, acquiring companies, due diligence, and consulting with our clients. Our approach is not purely academic. We don’t employ lofty thinking and over analysis. Our analysis and advice is real, logical, and actionable.



Small businesses require a consultant that can assess a situation thoroughly, but quickly and inexpensively, and then offer solutions that can actually be implemented by with limited human and financial resources. If that describes your business, we may be the right firm for you.

Some of the areas that help facilitate this are:


  • Refining, documenting, and implementing existing plans and ideas

  • Design and re-design of business processes

  • Evaluation and development of market positioning and value proposition

  • Employee selection, development, training, and retention

  • Refining and/or developing sales plans, comp plans, and marketing plans

  • Conducting competitive analysis

  • Building enterprise value

Board & Advisory
Growth Planning



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Sometimes, a consultant is the last thing you need. Sometimes, you don't really want someone analyzing your business. Sometimes, what you need is more like a partner, a board member, someone who is in the mix with you. Not someone collecting a salary. Not someone taking half your ownership, but someone to sit alongside you, for the long haul, and be your sounding board, give advice when needed, and provide access to external resources.

If this resonates with you, talk to us about a seat on your board or advisory group. We can work with a modest, standard board fee. No salaries. No stock (unless you choose). No strings.


Business Plan Documents can be important for a variety of reasons. We can help develop a plan from scratch or document an existing plan. Plans can be written for internal use or as a guidance document for partners or third-party alliances. 



Busines Plans
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