Who is your audience? Which audience segment is the most profitable? You have a great solution, how do you communicate that? How do you position yourself in the market and against your competitors? Should you focus or diversify?

We can help answer these questions and develop an actionable plan that you can monetize.




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Classic small business problem: you don't have an internal team of strategists, creative directors, graphic designers, video production, social media gurus, etc.​

That's where we come in - we can help you develop an effective, integrated strategy and then bring the resources to bear to make it happen. We have relationships with experts at reasonable costs. We're not an ad agency, but we can be the common thread that turns strategy into action.



Often the process of valuing a business, planning for growth, or evaluating a merger or acquisition, can identify opportunities to fine tune a company’s market position, message, marketing communications, sales strategies, and management. Whether originating through another process, or you just know what you need, some of the areas we can assist include:


  • Market positioning and messaging

  • Outsourced marketing and sales management

  • Internal event planning — conferences, training, speaking engagements

  • Strategic sales and marketing plans, sales process and systems

  • Proposal writing, copy writing, editing and management

  • Compensation plan development