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Gain the advantage of a structured due diligence process. 


Having learned from the big guys and over 19 years experience, we have developed a structured due diligence process specifically for small and mid-size businesses.


Your are supported by our purpose-built, efficient online system that:

  • Guides you through each step of the process with preset custom tasks and milestones

  • Helps you ask the right questions and gather the right documents

  • Provides a view of the entire Due Diligence process on one dashboard

  • Online storage and organization of documents

  • Allows collaboration on documents and information by multiple team members​

  • Provides an efficient shared calendar and task management for the entire project

Our System



We create a custom experience for each client.


Maybe you want to minimize our involvement and just have our system guide you - we can do that.


Maybe you want to expand our involvement and have us assemble a team for you (CPAs, tax experts, subject matter experts, etc) — we can do that as well.

We will consult with you to create a scenario that meets your needs and budget.

Additional Options
Our Process
Our Services


  • We consult with you to develop questions and document requests

  • We request documents and information from target company

  • The target company uploads directly to our system - automatic organization

  • You get instant notification of new information or monitor your dashboard

  • You review, comment, and collaborate with your due diligence team and advisors (like us!)

  • Watch milestones get completed as an efficient and effective process unfolds


  • We start by learning about your acquisition, offerring advice, and set up the process the right way

  • ​We then set up your custom portal and draft initial documents and information requests

  • We interface with the other side, follow up, collect, and organize documents for your review

  • You have us along-side you along the way to provide insight and advice on the process, and to work with other contributors such as attorneys, accountants, banks, etc.



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9711 Washingtonian Blvd 
Suite 550 
Gaithersburg, MD 20878

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