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We provide a variety of business valuation services in support of the sale, merger, or acquisition of a business, and for strategic planning purposes. As a firm with a specialization in the sale and acquisition of small businesses, we are often more in touch with the market than typical law firm or CPA firms—and we use this focus and expertise when performing all types of valuation services.

Our hallmark is our Value Consultation—instead of following a rigid academic process and producing a long lack-luster report, we just get right to it. We cut the clutter so you can understand the value of the business quickly, efficiently, and without wasting time and money. This is perfect for buying and selling a business, and for growth planning.

We also provide traditional Business Valuation reports—when a more traditional process and report is needed, we combine our real world experience with professional standards to provide a report and experience you can rely on.



We do not provide tax advice, legal advice, or accounting services. We do not support litigation. We do not appraise Real Estate or provide USPAP appraisals. If you want a real-world valuation - we are the firm for you. If you want something to use in court, to raise money for a startup, to value IP that has no cash flow, or for some other reason that is not a fit for our core services or experience, we can recommend a great firm for you.



If you are like most small businesses, you want to know what a business is worth and why. You also want to know what affects value, and what the value might be under multiple scenarios.

That is what our Value Consultaton provides. We don't just conduct an analysis and give you a repor—we educate you on the value drivers of the business and present you with multiple scenarios of what a buyer might be willing to pay, given several different deal structures. Our clients tell us that this perspective is far more valuable than an academic approach or standards-based view of hypothetical value.


The objective of the Value Consultaton is to estimate the value of the company in the context of an acquisition—whether the company is to actually be placed on the market or not. The result is a consultation with you to present conclusions and to consult with you regarding the value of the company. In support of this consultation a Key Data Points Summary and relavant attachements are prepared and presented. If you would like a custom narrative, consultative report, we can provide that as well.​


The Value Consultaton is often used when an estimate of value is needed for internal planning or in contemplation of a merger or acquisition, and may also be followed with management advisory services to enhance the value of the company.​​


This service is also appropriate for a buyer in support of making an informed and supportable offer to purchase.

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When a more traditional process and report is needed, we combine our real world experience with professional standards to provide a Business Valuation and report and experience you can rely on.

The standard for this report is Fair Market Value using methods within the Asset Approach, the Income Approach, and the Market Approach. This review and limited scope valuation report results in an indicated value based on a detailed financial review, analysis of company-specific risks and value-enhancing attributes, and an extensive review of market data. It involves fully recasted and adjusted financials and application of multiple valuation methods within all three valuation approaches.

The economic benefit stream selected is based on that which is most appropriate for the subject company. This may include tax- adjusted Net Income, EBT, EBIT, EBITDA, and discretionary cash flow. The result is a single indicated value based on multiple weighted valuation methods, with a written report.

When appropriate a more advanced Business Valuation Report may include additional research, projections, future cash flow analysis, creation of proforma financial statements, and more complex financial modeling. This analysis and report is typically appropriate for companies with specific risk or value-enhancing factors, those in an industry that is growing or declining rapidly or that is highly specialized, and those where a Discounted Cash Flow Analysis and future projections will be important.



We combine the knowledge and experience of the M&A market with the training, skill, and expertise to perform a full business valuation. Furthermore, Burley Consulting performs business valuations exclusively for M&A activities and business planning. Rather than becoming a generalist and performing valuations for estate planning, marital dissolution, shareholder dissent, regulated stock plans, and the like, in our valuation practice, we keep an exclusive focus on strategic planning and the sale, merger, and acquisition of small businesses.

As a firm with a specialization in the sale and acquisition of small businesses, we are often more in touch with the market than a typical law firm, CPA or pure business valuation firms. We use this focus and expertise when performing a valuation.

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