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Supplier of Custom Team Uniforms and Sporting Gear

A detailed Offering Memorandum and full financials are available to qualified partners.


Burley Consulting has been retained to identify an acquirer for a national supplier of custom team uniforms, apparel, sporting gear and equipment. The company provides team gear for almost every sport, with a primary focus on football, baseball, softball, basketball, soccer and lacrosse. The company is based in greater Maryland, DC, Virginia region.


The company specializes in the youth market and is an expert in this space. Approximately 85% of sales are to the youth market. The typical customer includes travel teams and select teams, where uniform and equipment requirements are very specific, and the customer contact is a local organization leader or volunteer. The typical customer has teams with players age 5-18 years old.


One of the company’s primary competitive advantages is that it is not just a screen printer, not just an equipment supplier, and not just a sporting goods store—it is the expert in youth sports, providing a full range of uniforms and equipment from helmets to scoreboards.


The staff boasts an average of 7-plus years experience per team member. They are jocks. They have all played or coached competitive sports, and they are sports experts. This is a competitive edge, and one of the reasons customers come back year after year.


In addition, the company is both partnered with major brands such as Under Armour and has developed their own brand of custom uniforms. This advantage is significant, as these brand relationships have high barriers to entry. Start-up and unproven companies are not able to carry brands like Under Armour and Adidas. Further, a custom in-house brand provides alternatives for customers requiring specific designs and tight quality specifications at a competitive price.


Revenue and cash flow is stable and growing, customer concentration is low, and the company is diversified across multiple suppliers. The company is more sophisticated than most small-medium team dealers and has a stellar sales staff.


The company is well positioned for continued success under a new owner, as a combination with another small to mid-size industry player, or under a large national player.

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2016   2,900,000

2015   2,900,000

2014   2,500,000

Single-Owner Cash Flow

2016   210,000

2015   153,000

2014   113,000


Success! Message received.

A detailed Offering Memorandum and full financials are available to qualified partners.


Aimee Burley




There are three owners. One of the owners is pursuing retirement, which is one of the trigger points for this effort. Another motivating factor, is the desire for increased growth with added capacity through acquisition


The owners will entertain offers of varying financial and legal structures. Offers are to be in the range of $525,000 to 600,000 plus the value of Inventory and Accounts Receivable.

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